Call Center Suite

Convoque, a call center solution that can take your entire headache and give you the result for your inbound, outbound, voice broadcasting, and other call center application on the go. Convoque is a total customisable solution and can be easily integrate with third party crm. convoque can run on any kind of trunk lines

Asfercon ACX/VCX

Asfercon ACX/VCX

Asfercon is a robust solution for multi party and multi room conferencing system that allows users to have a password based secure conference and controlled by admin interface. Asfercon solution is a solution that can be hosted over the web to access it from anywhere.used for presenting, online training, web conferencing, collaborative whiteboard drawing and document editing, and user desktop sharing. Communication takes place in virtual "meeting rooms" which may be set to different communication, security and video quality modes. The product can be set up as an installed server product, or used as a hosted service.

Inset IVRS

IVR Solutions

Inset IVRS comes with great features like customize IVR Flow, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), voicemail, sms alert, email alert, sticky agent, campaign overflow and many more to give you the state of art experience.


API Integration

API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool that interacts between data, applications, and devices. It also delivers data and provide connectivity among devices and programs. API can also be defined as an online programming interface of the organization, that eases businesses and benefits consumers.

Registro Voice Logger


From small to large enterprises, Registro helps you when it comes to the uncertainty of day to day transaction where all deals take place over telephonic conversation. Registro record all calls of your organization and keep them safe for your later reference. It can be used for PRI, analog or voip lines.

Mobile APP

Mobile Application

Asfera Technologies mobile application platform allows agents to interact with or capture all the details along with image capturing of a customer regardless of a computer on a live scenerio. best examples of mobile app are, customer verification, document verification, payment collection, product servicing, call center agent calling etc.