Headphones For Call Center

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Call Center Headphones With Mic Noise Cancelling

Having the right equipment may make a major difference for call center workplaces. Clear communication and fewer interruptions are offered by call center headphones with mic noise- canceling features. Acquiring superior call center headsets may significantly boost performance and customer satisfaction. Call center agents can carry out multiple tasks efficiently while taking calls due to the flexibility and portability provided by wireless headphones. Finding the most suitable calling headphones is crucial for establishing a polished and effective contact center setup.
Convenience sound quality, and noise-canceling capabilities should all be given top priority. Agents may concentrate on offering great customer service without being interrupted by background noise or subpar audio quality when they own the precise call center headset.The effectiveness and productivity of call center staff can be substantially improved by investing funds in premium headphones with embedded microphones and noise-canceling capabilities. The primary objective of these professional Call Center Headphones is to mitigate background noise so that agents and customers can communicate adequately.
Agents in customer service centers may move autonomously and multitask without feeling restricted by cords thanks to wireless headphones. This greater adaptability may result in better customer satisfaction and service.Evaluate elements such as convenience, noise-canceling capabilities, durability, and audio quality when selecting the ideal call center headphones. Investing in high-quality call center headsets for personnel will boost the entire efficacy of your call center operations in addition to being an equipment investment.

Model No. AD-380 / AV-101

  • Extremely light-weight design, one of the lightest in the worl
  • Gimbaled speaker, Highest degree of flexibility and float to ensure the best fit on all types head shapes and sizes
  • USB Headset
  • Model No. AD-380 / AV-101
  • Neodymium Speaker for loud and clear Wideband sound
  • Adjustable Surgical Steel Headband for long term flexibility and strength
  • Flexible geared Rubber Boom for perfect mic positioning and long life
  • Noise canceling Microphone
  • Soft leatherette ear cushions Headsets for Soft phones, Skype, USB dialers
  • Stay put click stop headband for a perfect snug fit
  • Made of high strength engineering plastics
  • Best in class flexibility of boom mic tube ensuring perfect positioning of the boom mic on all call conditions


specification of headsets


  • Frequency Response : 150 ~ 6000Hz
  • Impedance : 150 ohms
  • SPL (at 1 kHz, 1 Vrms) : 110 dB
  • Quick Disconnect Jack with inbuilt mute button
  • Both foam and Leatherette ear cushions available
  • Stay-put click-stop headband for a perfect fit


  • Type : Bidirectional
  • Pick up Pattern : Ultra Noise Cancelling
  • Frequency Response : 80 ~ 6000Hz
  • Impedance : 2.2K Ohms