GSM PRI Gateway

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  • A GSM-PRI Gateway is an interface to connect multiple GSM SIM Cards to an existing EPABX using a PRI interconnect
  • 30 SIM Cards are connected on the network side and a PRI line output on the EPABX trunk side
  • When the EPABX extensions seize the PRI to out dial, the gateway accepts the request via the PRI line and in turn seizes one of the GSM SIM cards and out dials the number
  • Similarly, when the SIM number is dialed by someone, then the gateway sends it via its PRI
GSM PRI Gateway
Instead of a Gateway, why not use multiple FWTs for making outgoing calls??

Difficulties In Using Separate FWTs

  • Large space required for installing multiple FWTs
  • Power supply & backup for all FWTs
  • No special features like Auto Attendant, Call Billing, etc
  • Service issues with multiple FWTs

Benefits Of Using ’s GSM – PRI Gateway(For The Customer:)

  • Single ownership of for all FWTs
  • All SIM Cards in one single machine
  • Smart applications like Auto attendant, Call Billing software, LCR, etc with the Gateway
  • Cost savings

Irrespective of the PBX type available at the customer end, the PRI Gateway offers a few unique applications beneficial to the end user. It is at the discretion of the service provider to enable or disable the same, given the requirement.

Auto Attendant

  • All calls received via the PRI Gateway can be greeted with a customized welcome message before being transferred to the designated extension
  • The welcome message can be different for the different time zones
  • Upto 8 callers can be greeted simultaneously

Call Billing

  • All calls being routed via the GSM-PRI Gateway can be accounted for w.r.t the applicable charges based on the destination number and call duration
  • No waiting for end-of-the-month invoices to estimate cost incurred!!

Service Provider can offer SIM cards with different plan options so as to ensure optimum cost benefits for the end user. E.g. a mix of SIMs with either better ISD rates, better STD landline rates, CUG numbers, etc. can be provided. However, the interfacing gateway should have the intelligence of routing calls appropriately to be able to capitalize on the same. The PRI Gateway supports a few such applications:

Trunk Budgeting

The gateway can ensure that all free calls available on the individual SIM cards are optimally used before the billing begins by budgeting the individual SIM ports

Least Cost Routing

If the service provider has provided different plan SIMs for out dialing, then the LCR application of the gateway can ensure that all ISD calls get routed over the ISD best rate SIMS, all STD from the STD best rate SIMs and the local ones via the local SIMs.

Denied Numbers

  • The gateway has provision to store numbers that are barred from being out dialed via the SIM Cards Any GSM SIM Connect & GSM-PRI Gateway combo:
  • Offers high motivation to organizations to switch either fully or partially to mobile networks for out dialed calls owing to the significant cost savings offered by the GSM network
  • Can be offered as a substitute for non feasible areas w.r.t fiber-PRI connectivity to tap a potential PRI customer
  • Customer gets additional advantage of the smart applications of the gateway