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4-8-16 Ports Standalone Voice Logger with 64 GB SSD

Product Description

A standalone voice logger is a device that is designed to record and store audio data from one or more communication channels, such as phone lines, radios, or microphones, independently of any other computer or server. Unlike other types of voice loggers that require a connection to a computer or a network, standalone voice loggers can function as a self-contained unit. They typically include their own storage device, processor, and operating system, allowing them to operate independently of any other hardware or software.
Standalone voice loggers are commonly used in small to medium-sized businesses, public safety organizations, and government agencies. They can be used to capture and store voice data for compliance purposes, quality assurance, or training purposes. Standalone voice loggers can also be used to monitor and record emergency response calls, dispatch communications, and other critical voice communications.

Salient Features

  • Monitoring people service atttitude, technology level, Examining working ability of service person, Analyzing product problem, Collecting customer's advice in order to provice with product improvement base.
  • Monitoring enterprise operation and checking utilization rate of call and human resource for high rank people. Can also find action of benefit damage quickly and do some relevant measure to prevent that.Futhermore, phone recording system can make people devote themselves to work and improve working efficiency. Therefore can search new sales potential and orientation,also can provide with unexpected law proof for high rank people.
  • Helping sales know well about customer's status in time and improving rate of business conclusion so that enterprise can trainsales pointedly.
  • Offering evidence directly for some special occasion,also can play these information in the player.
  • Offering effect evidence for other field.
  • Pop up the customer detailed information.

Basic Parts of 16 Port Standalone Voice Logger

  • Louver
  • DC 12V Power Interface
  • Display Interface
  • Mouse and keyboard USB Interface
  • Network Interface
  • Headphone or Speaker Interface
  • PBX SMDR Series Port
  • Recording Channel Interface

Advance Features

Real Time Monitoring
Real Time

Real-time monitoring refers to the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing data in real-time or near real-time as events are happening.

Real Time Recording
Real Time

Real-time recording refers to the process of capturing and storing data or information in real-time or near real-time as it occurs.

Caller Id Records
Caller ID

Caller ID records refer to the information that is displayed on a telephone or mobile phone's screen when a call is received.

Log Management
Log Management

Log management is the process of collecting system and application logs to gain into the security of an IT system.

Extension Number Records
Extension Number

Extension number records refer to the records of telephone extension numbers and their associated information.

Line AGC
Line AGC

Line AGC circuits used in communication systems. These are designed to adjust the gain of a signal to maintain a output level.

POPUP Management
POPUP Management

Popup management refers to the process of controlling the appearance and behavior of popups on a website or application.

Email Alarm
Email Alarm

An email alarm is a notification system that alerts a user when they receive a new email message in their inbox

FTP Backup
FTP Backup

FTP backup is a process of creating and storing backups of data files using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) protocol.

Intelligent Client
Intelligent Client

Intelligent Client typically refers to a software application that is capable of making decisions and performing tasks on behalf of the user.

Web Query
WEB Query

A web query is a way to retrieve data from a website and import it into a spreadsheet or other software application.

Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a service that allows users to store and access data over the internet, rather than on a local hard drive.

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

Channel :- 4ch, 8ch, 16ch

Hard disk :- 64GB SSD

Memory :- 2GB

Voice file :-WAV

Compression Ratio :-1/8 times

Consume Power Maximai:- 15W

Temperature :- -20ºC-60ºC

SNR :- 60dB

Humidity :- 5%-85%

Frequency :- 300-3400Hz(±3dB)

Input Impedance :- ≥1.5MΩ

Hard disk :- 64GB SSD

Data Speed :-64kbps/1s

Distortion Degree :- ≤2%

Call Number :- FSK, DTMF

DTMF Code :- 0~9,*,#,A,B,C,D

Recording Start Mode :- Voltage, Key, Sound Control

FSK Concoct Mode :- Logic 0(: 2200Hz±1%), Logic 1: 1200Hz±1