Voice Blaster

Send voice messages to multiple recipients, fast and easy, Asfera Technology Voice Blaster allows you to instantly send interactive phone calls and manage the entire process right from the Web. Send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, get out the vote - GO TV - messages, interactive polls, or surveys from the Web. You can record and store your messages, manage your call lists, schedule, initiate delivery, and view and download real-time call and caller key press results. Advanced features include conditional call branching, interactive opt-out, customized text-to-speech (TTS), and delivering calls to landlines, cell phones, or both.

Complete Voice Message Broadcast Features

  • Broadcast messages to "live" individuals
  • Leave different messages on answering machines
  • Voice broadcast with Do Not Call checks
  • Comprehensive IVR Management Reporting
  • Automated computer generated phone calls
  • Single call broadcast with XML Push
  • Customized touch phone responses
  • ACD systems (auto attendant) features
  • Database access for telephone services
  • Single call broadcast with XML Push
  • Text To speech and data conversion
  • Email notification of call results
  • Remote database access with XML Pull
  • Call transfer to live agents with intelligent call routing
  • Multiple IVR hosting centers
  • Timeout features and call control options
  • Touch phone response control for both parties
  • Bulk message blast with low flat rates
  • Complete online reporting and call management
  • Automatic opt out feature through call identification
  • Professional voice over talent for on hold message voice overs

Some Extra Features Of Voice Message Broadcast

  • Reorders and collections
    • Proactively solicit and process customer reorders or due payments without the need of a live agent
  • Promotions and discounts
    • Keep your leads and customers aware of your latest promotions and sales with personalized voice notifications
  • Recalls
    • Keep customers in the loop on important product recalls
  • Phone surveys
    • Gather valuable data on your customer base or measure their satisfaction with your products, services, or support with interactive voice notifications