Even a whisper is logged for the records
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We use Registro

  • Mirchi Adlabs
  • Softage
  • Datawind India
  • WebTel Electrosoft
  • Indian Army
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
  • Quick Finance Services
  • Credit Nation
  • Utkarsh Classes
  • AAA vehicleads
  • Global Opportunities
  • DHI
  • D2F Real Estate
  • Sycorian Metrimonials
  • Hera Automobiles
  • Radhey Investigations
  • Konexions Back Office Services
  • Kamsons Marketing

Registro (ISDN/E1/T1) Voice Logging Solution

Asfera technologies brings you its solution for voice logging as now a days telephone has become a major part or our life and we are try to complete all our tasks over phone. From small to large business, most business transactions take place over the telephone. Promises are made (and broken) and often when it comes to a post mortem, it is often one person's word against another's.In order to take this uncertainty out of day-to-day transactions, many businesses are routinely recording telephone conversations using voice loggers. Asfera technologies state-of-the-art voice logging solution is the one who can take your entire headache and simultaneously records multiple channels of telephone calls. Voice Loggers monitors, records, retrieves, logs to review, analyze and achieve virtually real time verification of telephone conversations with ease.

Registro Call Recording System


  • 1E1 to 4E1 Digital recording
  • customized incoming & outgoing call pop-up
  • customized IVRS/Voice Messages for any Level
  • Outgoing announcement alert to callee like “This call might be recorded for training and Quality Purpose”
  • CRM integration
  • Customized reporting
  • Web based interface
  • Incoming and outgoing number block facility
  • MS Access, MS SQL, My Sql, Maria DB data base support
  • Scheduled FTP backup transfer
  • CD or remote location network backup
  • Voice activation / Voltage change based recording
  • On demand recording
  • Flexible reporting
  • Web based remote access
  • Multisite remote live monitoring
  • Direct P&T line , all EPABX extension compatible
  • System health diagnosis alarm
  • SMS / email alert integration
  • GSM recording with FCT/Gateways

Technical Specification

  • Maximum card in one PC- 10
  • Compression ratio: 8 Hardware
  • Working Temperature----5-25
  • Power Consumption : 5W
  • Humidity : 2% -20%
  • Voice codec : PCMA ulaw@64kbps,alaw,gsm, SPEEX@8KBPS
  • Voice distortion ratio : ≤2%
  • Voice Function : WAV, GSM
  • Data rate: 64KBPS, 32KBPS, 16KBPS
  • Data transmission : Binary asynchronous serial
  • Signal Monitor : Signal sound voice sound
  • Signal to noise : ≥30dB
  • Input impedance : >1000Ω
  • Codec ; HDB3 /AMI
  • DTMF code: 0~9, *, #, A, B, C, D
  • Master Number : BEL202, DTMF
  • Frequency range : 300-3400Hz±3dB
  • Clock & data recording : Complied to CCITT Rec.G.823-1998
  • Status Judge Voltage: 70-100V(Ring), 20-48V(Idle) ,5-17V(Hang up) 3.2V(Power off)
  • Shaking limit: Complied to CCITT Rec.G.823,G.737,G.739,G.742-1988