Call Recording software

Asfera technology brings Call Recording Software for voice logging as nowadays telephone has become a significant part of our life, and we are trying to complete all our tasks over the phone. Most business transactions take place over the telephone from small to substantial businesses. Promises are made (and broken), and when it comes to a postmortem, it is often one person's word against another's. Many businesses routinely record telephone conversations using voice loggers to take this uncertainty out of day-to-day transactions. Asfera technologies Registro (ISDN/E1/T1) Call Recording solution's state-of-the-art voice logging solution is the one that can take your entire headache and simultaneously records multiple channels of telephone calls. Voice Loggers monitor, record, and retrieves logs to review, analyze and achieve virtually real-time verification of telephone conversations with ease.

Benifits And Features


Benefits of Call Recording

  • Identify problem areas
  • Keep detailed call records
  • Improve your marketing campaigns
  • Recover missed details
  • Watching your words
  • Capture customer stories
  • Quality assurance
  • Continually improving your services
  • Quickly bring a customer service agent up to speed

Some More Features

  • GSM recording with FCT/Gateways
  • Direct P&T line , all EPABX extension compatible
  • Multisite remote live monitoring
  • Web based remote access
  • Flexible reporting
  • SMS / email alert integration
  • Voice activation / Voltage change based recording
  • Outgoing announcement alert to callee like, This call might be recorded for training and Quality Purpose
  • CD or remote location network backup
  • Scheduled FTP backup transfer

1E1 to 4E1 Digital
customized incoming &
outgoing call pop-up
customized IVRS/Voice Messages for any Level
Web based
Incoming and outgoing
number block facility
MS Access, MS SQL, My Sql, Maria DB data base support
GSM recording with FCT/Gateways
SMS / email alert integration
Flexible reporting
On demand recording

Need Of Call Recording

When the call is completed, an audio recording is preserved in the client's contact information, call history, and statistics. Any call may be listened to immediately from your web browser on any device. The call recordings may be listened to directly in the Dashboard and Statistics. You can listen to or download the recording after each phone record item. Once a day, Cloud Talk may also transfer all recordings to your FTP site. Depending on your company requirements, you can keep them there for as long as you need them or utilize them for more processing.
It would help if you first chose your recording levels before you began recording phone calls. When your recording is too loud, Convoque will alert you. This might degrade the sound quality of your recordings. After you've set up your gear and software, you're ready to start recording phone calls. Before you begin your phone call, be sure Convoque is open. The simplest way to begin a recording is to use the shortcut key, F5, or click the record button at the bottom of the Convoque screen. It's critical to save your recordings, especially if you want to revisit them later while training your personnel. Click the "Save" button on the Home tab toolbar to save a recording in Convoque.