About Inset IVR Solutions

Inset IVR Solutions application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations, keypad signal logic, access to relevant data, and the ability to record voice input for later handling. Using computer telephony Integration (CTI), IVR applications can hand off a call to a human being who can view data related to the caller at a display, and systems allow callers to access information without human intervention.

Features Of IVR Solutions

Integrated IVR / ACD
Multiple IVR
IVR Software
Development Libraries
Call Monitoring and
Message Forwarding
Multiple Telephone
Line Support
Multiple Voicemail
Automated outbound
call system
Text to Speech
Multi-Language support
(English /Hindi)
ANI: (Automatic
Number Identification)
DNIS: (Dialed number
identification service)

Business Benefits of IVR

Is your company tired of being bombarded with calls? Do you want to cut down the number of emails you receive? Implementing an IVR system can help in handling these issues. If your company has an IVR system, customer service representatives can concentrate on solving customers’ queries instead of taking incoming calls. One of the benefits of IVR is the ability to make your company appear more professional. We are also IVR provider services across India and a particular city, Delhi. When a customer calls your company, instead of hearing a busy signal, their call is directed to an IVR system. This enables them to leave a message without ringing off the hook. Plus, this way, you can screen the call, deciding whether it should be answered or not.

  • IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response.
    It is typically used by companies like insurance providers, mobile carriers, and businesses to provide automated services.
  • IVR technology uses voice input to respond to interactive voice queries.
    The responses are typically in the form of pre-recorded messages, videos or music.
  • This technology is designed to provide customer service before the customer needs to contact the company again.
  • IVR Services can increase customer satisfaction with the ability to handle more queries than they may have the capacity for in person.

More Features Of Inset IVR Solutions

  • Call Transfer (subject to your phone company or PBX features).
  • Call Simulator for off-line testing.
  • Good Voice Quality supports up to 48 KHz sampling.
  • Provides additional tools for recording and editing voice files and online deployment.
  • Simple to use Graphical System Design Interface.
  • Multiple telephone line support both on Analog and Digital.
  • Advanced call screening and call switching options.
  • Support various means of Alarm indications in case of system failures, e.g. Functional error, Error of missing certain voice message prompt, etc., and generates error Logs.
  • Work with all type of exchanges on voice lines or trunk lines with BSNL/MTNL/Railway communication Network and cellular phone network.
  • Modular and scalable design allows to increase the number of channels or services without changing the basic IVR software.
  • Capable of working round the clock throughout the year.
  • Incoming calls from decadic dial telephone across PSTN/Railway/PBX line/cell phone. Caller can dial in both pulse and DTMF mode with DTMF inputs to select from IVR menu options.

Industries where IVRS used

  • Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions
  • Bank and stock account balances and transfers
  • Surveys and polls
  • Call center forwarding
  • Simple order entry transactions
  • Selective information lookup (movie schedules, etc.)
  • Ticketing and Reservation
  • IT Enabled Services
  • Hotels, Airline , Train Ticket Enquiry and Booking Centers
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Complaint Booking and Customer Support Centers
  • Banks, Finance and Credit Corporations
  • Tele-Marketing Industry and Outbound Calls