GSM PRI Gateway

IP-PBX Phone Systems

You Are here (Asfera Technologies)IP-PBX support soft and hard IP Phones allowing for multiple choices

Easy to Install n use and Easy on the eye. The IP-PBX Phone System was designed for the SMB, SOHO segment delivering all the advanced features of any PBX/IP-PBX controlled by a clear and user friendly GUI. Not all PBX systems belong in a rack or mounted on a wall, reliable appliance that looks good.


Call Back
Call Recording
Call Recording (on USB drive, also export to the remote server)
Call Restrictions
Call Restriction
Billing Interface
Billing Interface
Music On Hold
Music on Hold
Directory Service
Directory Service
Real Time Clock And Date
RTC (Real Time Clock & Date)
Easy to use GUI
Easy to use GUI
Remote Call Pickup
Remote Call Pickup
Remote Office Support
Remote Office Support
SMS Messaging
SMS Messaging
Voice Mail
Voice Mail

Some More Features

Some More Features
  • 8 user conference (invite, schedule, kick, mute…)
  • FAX and VOICEMAIL to Email
  • G.722,G.729 codec supported
  • CDR
  • Roaming Extensions
  • Route by Caller ID
  • Spell / Say
  • Streaming Media Access
  • FAX and VOICEMAIL to Email
  • Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting
  • Visual Indicator for Message Waiting
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail Groups
  • Web Voicemail Interface
  • Text-to-Speech (via Festival)
  • Three-way Calling
  • Time and Date
  • Transcoding
  • Trunking

System Capacity and Auto-Attendant Features

System Capacity
  • FXO, FXS, programmable
  • unlimited IP/Analog extensions
Auto-Attendant Features
  • Configurable IVR
  • Queue creation
  • Music on hold
  • Scheduling for IVR with RTC (Real Time Clock) supporting date/time
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