Asfercon ACX

Make multiple multi party secured conferences across the communication networks

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We use Asfercon ACX

  • Max Bupa
  • Catamaran Corporation
  • Bajaj Security Systems

Asfercon ACX (Audio Conference eXchange)

Asfercon ACX works as a center for numerous callers to connect to the bridge by means of a particular telephone number and a password so that instead of a single user contacting all of the members, the members can themselves connect to the Asfercon ACX server to carry on the conference call. This saves a lot of time involved in the process. Asfercon ACX have advanced features for better functioning consisting of scheduling software incorporated into the component and an dial out feature that can be scheduled to contact all of the conference parties automatically at the same time with minimum hassle for the user.

Asfercon ACX Audio conference exchange

Audio Conferencing System Features

We believe our Asfercon ACX provides all the features required for your audio conferencing requirements.
If you have a unique feature request that you can't find included with our product, please contact us. It may currently be in development, or we may be able to quickly develop it for you.

Asferconf ACS provides various types of conference

A pre-defined conference ID and/or password with no expiry allows the organizer and participants to conference when required. Meetings can occur at any time using an established dial-in number and access code.

Reserved or Scheduled Conferences

The Conference organizer or Conferencing Service Provider can schedule a conference, send invitation emails to participants and have them register for the call.

On-the-Fly Conference
All participants who call in to an established dial-in number and enter the same PIN are connected together. Using this service connection occurs instantly and anonymously without any account setup.

Ad Hoc Conference
Instantly starts a conference call by dialing out to someone. Additional participants can be easily added as required, participants are provided the invitation over the phone and have the option to agree or decline to join the conference invitation. This is also used in highly secure instances where the organizer knows who to call and bring into the conference.

Web-based real time control and management for the moderator

  • Uses the web-based interface for point-and-click management of conferences.
  • Fully manages the moderator's conference for scheduling, changing and managing the e-mailing of invitations to participants.
  • Steps through a scheduling wizard to select type of conference, time, date, IDs, PINs, and passwords.
  • Automatically sends conference notifications with all details to participants on SMS.
  • Schedules regularly recurring conferences.
  • Provides Reporting for Call Record History.

Provides monitoring of active conferences through the dashboard, and provides full control to:

  • Mute/Un-mute Participants, to ensure no distractions
  • Disconnect any or all participants
  • Dial Out to add participants
  • Grant/ Revoke Administration privileges to participants during the conference Display Caller ID of participants on call dashboard
  • Start and Stop Recording
  • Lock/Unlock Conference, thereby preventing unwanted guests from entering

Web-based real time control for the Conference Operator:

  • Lists all the accounts and moderators, and adds, deletes disables/enables or modifies their details
  • Provides access to all log data (user and system data)
  • Views lines and disconnects any that are not disconnected properly
  • Lists all Active and Scheduled conferences in the system
  • Can carry out all activities on behalf of a moderator
  • Displays the number of ports currently in use
  • Displays and exports conferencing statistics and usage reports
  • Sets dial-out permissions and department codes on an account basis
  • Sets a port utilization alert that notifies administrators when the system is nearing capacity
  • Provides Extensive Reporting Features

Extensive Security Features

  • Specify the type of entry announcements: none, beep, name option for participants to record name and play back when joining the conference
  • Remove uninvited guests - checking their Caller ID and disconnecting their line
  • Separate moderator and participant access PINs
  • Lock and unlock conference
  • Hear participants count
  • Start conference only when moderator logs in
  • Two stage conference entry, participants can be brought into a lounge area and then the moderator can bring them into the conference.
  • User name and password authentication of accounts
  • System-generated access code as well as an option for customized PINs
  • Access codes expire at the end of scheduled calls
  • Dial Out conferencing where only the invited parties are called

Dial Out Conferencing

  • Pre-schedule a full or partial dial out conference - also dial out to bring in additional participants while the conference is in progress.
  • The system, operator and moderator via web can initiate the Dial Out facility.
  • Dial out capability can be enabled/disabled on a per user basis by the system administrator

Call Recording, Playback Web, Phone, Streaming

  • You can record a conference and stream real time on the Internet.
  • Use playback controls to navigate through the recordings of the conference - for those who miss the presentation or want a "refresh" of the information presented.

Billing and Reporting

  • Review historic, current and scheduled system usage.
  • View details on attendees' participation in individual conferences, and their call activity.
  • Generate call detail reports, including specific account codes, call participants, call times and duration of calls, in order to bill the appropriate parties.
  • Reports can be exported to third party billing systems.
  • Call detail reporting provides critical information for charging back conferences to clients, including:
    • System status and capacity via the web-based interface
    • Conference activity via predefined or customized reports
    • Account detail changes can be made at any time, with changes taking effect immediately
    • Operator transaction logs created for all activities

Moderator Touch-Tone Control
The options available for the moderator to control a conference through DTMF commands via the Keypad include:

  • Start/ Stop Recording
  • Start/ Stop Entry Announcements
  • Hear Count of Participants
  • Lock/Unlock Conference
  • Mute/Un-Mute all

Customizable message greetings
This allows you to provide your clients with a conference bridge that will play out client specific greetings

Immediate Cost Savings, Rapid Payback

Companies who use conferencing regularly in their business can realize immediate cost advantages in purchasing an in-house conferencing system. The amount of money you save depends on the number, size and duration of conferences: more conferencing yields higher savings and faster payback.

Immediate Savings and Long Term Benefits

Companies benefit in three ways. For one, they can save money on conferencing compared to what they are currently paying to outside service providers. Our customers have already realized immediate savings of thousands of dollars per month on conferencing.

In addition, customers have been able to extend the benefits of conferencing much more broadly throughout their organization. You are free to conduct more conferences and take advantage of more collaboration among employees, customers, and partners.

Finally you are acquiring a telecom switching platform that can be the foundation for other value-added solutions like PBX. You can connect remote offices and home based users, provide Interactive Voice Response Solutions, Contact Center Solutions thereby leveraging the investment made in one system for many other purposes.

More Scalability

Our Audio Conferencing Solution is state-of-the-art and built to last. It's a long-term, high-return investment. Unlike similar systems that max out at a certain call capacity, we can expand with ease to include thousands of ports seamlessly, scaling out, upgrading the configuration for smooth growth, linking systems together without losing quality or efficiency. Single conferences can span multiple systems

More Flexibility

Our Solution has more customizable features than any other audio conferencing product enabling you to work with our solution the way you want.

Integrate into your network with ease and connect to your backend systems and business processes or let us design it for you.

Our solution's core is a telecom switching layer. You can utilize that capability to host various other applications like PBX, IVR Systems, Hosted PBX, and other Contact Center Solutions using the same infrastructure. This is an excellent value proposition for service providers as well as enterprises.

More Reliability

We use industry standard servers and will take into consideration your redundancy requirements in designing an appropriate system for you.