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Our customer support services

With the growth of the healthcare industry, there has been a significant rise in the outsourcing of services in this field. But there hasn’t been a respective growth in the area of service providers for the sector. This has given rise to our company which specializes in providing its customers with THE best call CENTER solutions since 2012 and Convoque has made it their motive to provide the company with its best call CENTER services to be your partner on the road to success. We exerting every day just to form sure your customers are within safe hands. Our firm believes in the introduction of newer technology with an essence of loyalty towards our clients and employees. We at Convoque call CENTER provide excellent services for healthcare enterprises. You can now turn your services better and your clients happier by joining hands with our firm. Because Convoque is all about uniqueness and advancement.

Developing customer loyalty

It is vital for a firm to take care of a gaggle of loyal customers and there are some specific things that help a corporation during this journey. One of them is constructing a better customer support service. What better than a 24x7 patient helpline? This can enable them to require doctor appointments, take phonic consultations, get basic medical advice, and has many other functions. This gives the purchasers a way of security and convenience. They feel positive about the firm and it provides them reliability. This one feature is way too important for building the consumer’s trust. Convoqueenables all kinds of health-care based enterprises to develop a fully functional customer support department that shows a firm’s dedication towards its clients. Getting health-care call CENTER solutions also allow you to build up goodwill among the customers and build up goodwill for the company.

How do our services aid various medical sectors?

Convoqueenables its customers to open up a new dimension to their enterprises. Talking about those within the medical sector can really magnify the effectiveness of their firms by adopting the decision CENTER software from Convoque.

  1. Hospitals- The mainstream of the healthcare industry, large scale operated hospitals are in grave need of remote call CENTERs to help their patients who cannot visit the hospital or come get their regular refills or ordinary people who need basic medical help. These call CENTER solutions can be really effective for not only patients but also for the doctors who can easily manage the crowd in a hospital by solving most of the medical problems via helplines.
  2. Test labs- They play the second major role in the medical industry and they are accountable for pretty serious responsibility. Conducting a patient’s tests and properly providing the results can only detect what’s wrong with a person’s body. And technological development keeps them updated and accurate. Call CENTER software can be easily put to good use in places where there is a regular dealing with people just like a medical lab.
  3. E-health care- The introduction of e-consultation is also a new step forward in the field of medicine. This type of consultation also requires a better way of communication with the clients. And here rises the need for call CENTER solutions. Convoque may be a firm that may provide you the service which is most fitted to your enterprise and makes sure you create the simplest use of it.

Our firm is an excellent service provider. Our services range from predictive diallers to figure-from-home call CENTERs. We care about our clients and definitely confirm to allow you to make the simplest use of our services. We provide top-notch services for our customers in order that we will earn their trust and confidence. We believe in providing the best call CENTER solutions so that we see a well-communicated country with its best call-CENTER companies. With a vision of a connected country looking forward to its better future. our company will leave no effort towards achieving our visions and motives of serving our customers right and lead the industry on the path or our customer’s satisfaction.

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Call Center Solution for Your Business

The finest call center solutions for your team is determined by your unique requirements. Depending on how you want to use it, every tool has advantages and disadvantages. Make a list of desired characteristics and then focus on your top selections to figure out which tool is best for you. A few features to think about in your search are listed below.

You're probably helping your clients through other communication channels as well if you're looking for call center software (like email, live chat, or social media). It's crucial to think about how well your new call center software will work with your existing channels.

A unified customer support experience, according to Asfera Technologies minimizes consumer friction and improve front-line efficiency. Incoming calls should ideally be recorded on your help desk, allowing agents to follow up via email. This feature will allow everyone on your team, regardless of channel, to see the context of previous customer encounters.

Routing of Phone Calls

How do clients get connected to the proper person fast when they call your company? Call Center Solutions provider for IVRS, Inbound, Outbound, predictive dialer, autodialer, ACD, integration with any CRM, click to call, voice broadcasting
It's critical to understand how your call routing will work, whether your software enables automated call routing or users must select a department after listening to a set of possibilities. Many systems are difficult to adjust on the go, so consider establishing and altering your workflow first.

Customer Context CRM Integration

Customers find it inconvenient to have to explain their problem to many support personnel and offer a summary of their previous encounters. However, agents can give more effective support when they have more information about the consumer who is contacting. They can instantly recall previous contacts with consumers, avoiding the need for customers to repeat themselves. Agents can examine product usage trends and take actions to ensure that the customer does not need to contact them again about the same issue. CTI (computer-telephony integration) pop-ups, which identify a customer by their phone number and expose past interactions through the browser, are used by many call center solutions to provide context. It's critical to understand how the software you're considering logs calls and integrates with other systems (such as your CRM) so that your agents can be as helpful as possible.

4.Calls from the Cloud

Cloud-based contact centers will need a cloud-based calling system to integrate with their online databases. Cloud-based calling, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a phone system that uses the internet rather than a phone line to communicate. While this service is normally provided by a third-party supplier, it is usually less expensive to establish and maintain than traditional landlines. Because VoIP requires no on-premise gear, it eliminates the typical maintenance and infrastructure costs associated with traditional phone lines.

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